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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." M.L.K.Jr.


I was raised in the Hoosier State, went to school, and began my career in Bloomington, IN. What started as a summer job at a hotel led to a passionate career in the hospitality field.


I have over 25 years in the hotel industry with a history of successful hospitality experience in hotel revenue management, revenue maximization, yield management, sales, marketing, and guest satisfaction. I lead by example, proactively implementing creative and innovative strategies by thinking outside of the box. This principle is constantly applied in my personal life, as well as the professional realm.


Community involvement, aviation, traveling, spending time with friends, family, and dog are a few of the hobbies that I like to delve into while out of the office.


Over the course of my career, I have recognized that many small and medium size businesses struggle to tell their stories and get the brand awareness they need to succeed. After two decades of working in corporate America, I decided to take a path toward something more rewarding. Ultimately, COVID-19 pandemic created the opportunity for me to take this new adventure.


Bravo Consulting was created with the desire to combine all my past talents, skills, and experiences under a single umbrella. Bravo Co. guides a business through the journey of telling their story and strengthening their brand awareness through a hands-on approach. When you’re my client, you goals are my goals; I’m not successful unless you achieve your objectives in our work together.


A little history: on a personal level, the name Bravo was chosen as a nod to my beloved dog, Joey. Joey is a rescue dog, and the shelter originally named him Bravo when they found him as a stray. Beyond my story with Joey, the word ‘bravo’ is a common air traffic control term that ties in my lifelong love of aviation and adventure.  And importantly, ‘bravo’ signifies a job well done — I hope this will be an expression you will always use when we collaborate.


Now let’s take a journey together.

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Meet Some of Our Clients
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